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Game of Thrones Leak

It’s being called the digital piracy leak of the decade (which pretty much makes it the biggest leak of all time) for a television show. The first four episodes of Game of Thrones season 5 have hit all of the major torrent sites and is spreading like wildfire. Should HBO

Technology is a wonderful thing. With streaming and cable services like OnDemand, we can now watch brand new movies with the push of a button. There is no more getting in the car, traveling to Blockbuster, hoping they have the movie you want to see, driving home, and collecting your
Technology at Restaurants

If you’ve dined out lately, chances are that you’re one of two people. You’re either the person shaking your head because service has slowed down due to the amount of people paying closer attention to their phones than the server, or you’re the person on your phone. It doesn’t matter
Sesame Street made its own House of Cards parody

What does House of Cards, Sesame Street, and The Three Little Pigs have in common? All three of them have been combined into a creative parody video that was put up on YouTube a couple of days ago that follows the story of Mr. Frank Underwolf as he tried to
Spotify and vinyl records emerge as 2014’s music victors

According to Nielsen SoundScan, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, 2014 was a really bad year for digital music sales but an insanely good one for vinyl record sales. Last year, vinyl sales actually hit 9.2 million, which is more than 50% more than what they were back in
Ant-Man Preview Teaser Trailer

We are not fans of trailer teasers. Sure, it builds the excitement, but isn’t a trailer supposed to do that anyway? Why build up to the build up? When we heard Marvel had put out a preview to their teaser for their trailer, we collectively shook our head in disgust.
Hulu secures a landmark exclusivity deal to take on Netflix

When you want to watch your favorite movies and television shows, you only have three (legal) options. The first option is to flip on your television and peruse the list of channels that you’ve purchased en masse from your cable provider. While this is the most common and well-known option
BitTorrent is currently developing a peer-to-peer browser

BitTorrent, the company behind the self-named BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol and the self-named BitTorrent software that utilizes that protocol, is currently searching for Alpha testers for a new project called Project Maelstrom. Basically, it’s a web browser that’s based on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer sharing technology. The project is still in the
Sony might launch its first Android TVs in February

Google unveiled its new plan to take over your living room earlier this year. Shortly after the demise of Google TV, the company decided to develop and entirely new platform known as Android TV, and announced that it will be leaving the development of the actual set-top boxes and smart
Netflix is testing a new “Tweet Me a Reminder” feature

Netflix offers a bunch of content, which is excellent for subscribers, but it can be difficult for them to keep track of the service’s constantly changing library, especially in relation to new shows that they might be interested in or new seasons for shows that they’re already watching. That’s the