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Sara Dean

Sara Dean

Sara is a strategic content writer for Dealer Authority residing in beautiful Northwest Oregon. She has been in the automotive industry for 14 years. A mother of four ranging in age from 18 to 2 years old, she enjoys writing, being creative, blogging, singing, and traveling in her "free" yet limited time. Her guilty pleasures include way too much coffee and indulging a little too much in social media websites.

Car Lots

The car business has gone through many shifts since the dawn of the internet. The old notions that car dealers are trying to “rip people off” have pretty much been completely removed from discussion. Today consumers have access to more information about cars and their pricing than any other industry.
Kia Trail'Ster concept car

Kia has become a name in quality. They have improved not only the look of their vehicles, but the way they operate as well. They have branched out to build cars that are a little out of the normal, but have had success in doing so. The Kia Soul has
Love My Car

Almost everyone is familiar with eBay and how it operates. For those who don’t know, a seller lists an item on the auction website and lets consumers bid on the item for a predetermined amount of time. The person who bids the most wins the item and the seller then
Kia Hamster

Every car dealership has their image or gimmick. Many actually use the cuteness or speed of a particular animal to represent their vehicles. For instance, the Ford Mustang associates the horse with the same namesake for its emblem. Why? Because Mustangs are known to be creatures that are very fast,