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Lorie Wimble

Lorie Wimble

Lorie is a "Liberal Voice" but is open minded, writes for a political blog, and has 2 astounding children. Find her on Google+ and Twitter.

Scarlett Johansson

As a society, we have a distinct fascination with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Movie stars are always front and center in the public consciousness and make for great folly – good and bad – on the news channels. One of the aspects of their lives that we
Hole in One

A hole-in-one probably seems next to impossible to most who have not ever hit one, but they’re more common that most people probably realize. Estimates show that there are 150,000 holes-in-one per year. Some people are better at getting them than others, of course; Mancil Davis had 51 career aces,
A Breakdown of News Preference Demographics

Who’s watching what? That’s the question that the infographic below answers. Which shows do the wealthy watch? What about those with a high school education? Is it surprising that teens and twentysomethings watch Colbert the most while those over 65 watch Hannity and O’Reilly? Does it mean something that Economist
Quick Facts About Cats

Everyone knows that cats rule the internet with bacon. They are adorable and they bring companionship to millions of people across the country and around the world. Did you know, however, that 15% of cat owners taste their cat’s food? This and many other interesting feline facts are available in