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Lorie Wimble

Lorie Wimble

Lorie is a "Liberal Voice" but is open minded, writes for a political blog, and has 2 astounding children. Find her on Google+ and Twitter.

New Orleans Police

A police officer working overtime at a construction site was gunned down while in a New Orleans police car, officials have reported. The name of the officer has not been released. The officer was working for the Housing Authority of New Orleans, a police department that is independent of the
Apple HomeKit

If reports are to be believed (and that’s not always the case with Apple rumors) then Apple may be getting into the home management arena. The growing trend of “connected homes” is making it very appealing for tech giants, particularly those in the mobile device world. Apple seems to be
Captain America 8 Bit

Sometimes, a simple statement is all that’s necessary in a headline. For us, the headline tells the whole story. Check out the video here…
George Clooney

Actor George Clooney called Hillary Clinton “polarizing” in 2008 when he supported candidate Barack Obama. He even held a huge celebrity fundraiser to fight against Clinton at his home that put over $10 million in Obama’s war chest. Now, the actor is changing up to support the Democratic candidate. In

Yelp is for sale. Officially, they’re exploring the possibility, but that means they’re for sale. The company feels like it’s at its peak and is ready to hit the open market. Who’s interested? The site and app are useful tools for both business owners and consumers. They allow reviews to
Zynga Employees

Yesterday, Zynga announced two things: better than expected earnings and a reduction of staff by 18%. The first is a good indicator for a business that has struggled since going public so it makes sense that stocks would rise. The second means that a lot of people are losing their
7 bodies found in mass grave in Venezuela

Six male bodies and one female body was found in Tachira state near the Colombia border. The people had been tied together with barbed wire and were shot. There is also evidence that they may have been tortured before being killed. Local Mayor Alejandro Garcia believes they will find more.
Jim Staley Apology

The Christian world was mildly rocked this week as Pastor Jim Staley from Passion for Truth Ministries in Missouri plead guilty to wire fraud charges stemming from events that took place right before starting his ministry. Sentencing will take place on July 9th where he faces 6-8 years in prison.
Google is desperately trying to compete with Apple Pay

Google Wallet entered the mobile payments market as pretty much the only player in the game back in 2011 but, despite this massive head start, the service is now playing catchup to the four month-old Apple Pay. This is due in large part to Softcard, a joint mobile payments venture

For all of their ups and downs, one thing that can be said about Yahoo! is that they’re willing to try new things. Some have said that it makes it harder for them to develop a company identity in the post-portal world, but the fact that they’re still alive, kicking,