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Lauren Galli

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Crossover SUV

A couple of years ago, the American public couldn’t have told you the difference between a crossover, an SUV, or anything that fell in between, but now you can’t seem to get away from the crossover vehicle.  They’ve easily become some of the most popular vehicles in the United States,
Car Salesman Plight

You know that moment when one of your friends cracks a car salesman joke, and everyone laughs.  If you’re the car salesman, that moment sucks, just as it does for the lawyers, doctors, clergymen, and teachers about whom punchlines are made.  Car salesman are among the least trusted people in

When we’re considering the more important parts of our cars, of course we think about the engine, the transmission, headlights, and even the wiper blades.  We take strides to maintain these parts with oil changes, inspections, and fluid addition, but too often we forget about one of the more important
Social Media Bothers

As a social media manager, there are parts of my job that are a dream; like working from the comfort of my home in penguin pajama pants.  There are also parts of it that are indescribably irritating; the people that believe “Facebooking all day” is a job.  Of course, the
2013 Toyota Camry

Car prices for new cars are rising at a sometimes alarming rate.  In order to outfit a car with all of our must-have features, things can get incredible expensive.  Add in depreciation and the price of a new car doesn’t outweigh the expense in most cases.  For this reason, many
2016 Dodge Durango

Set into the mountains of Colorado is the picturesque town of Durango.   The town touts a belief of open spaces and familiar faces, and has even adopted this phrase as their town motto.  The town isn’t what you’d expect as it resembles small town America, but is bustling with over

Social media can be a great way to connect with lost friends from middle school, keep track of the grandchildren, and even a great way to market and humanize your business.  In the business, we emphasize building your brand, and all of the social media channels are a great way
Lexus Owner Benefits

Driving a luxury car is a symbol of prestige and elegance, thus the reason for the influx of luxury models entering the market.  For a long time, Lexus has had a reputation for catering to an older crowd, but in an effort to shatter that image, the automaker has made
Hyundai Genesis Affordable Luxury

The word “genesis” literally means the beginning of something.  For Hyundai, it may mean the beginning of their foray into the luxury car field.  While they’ve been pumping out high quality cars backed by the best warranty offered in the auto market, they’ve always been somewhat of a budget friendly
2001 Kia Sephia

Twenty years ago, there were a certain number of car manufacturers that were popular and some were virtually unheard of. Back then, some of our most popular manufacturers were nothing more than a good idea for a different option. Some were just beginning to get their name out there, while