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Jesseb Shiloh

Jesseb Shiloh

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National Debt Entitlements

Donald Trump loves entitlements. Let that sink in for a moment. To the informed Republican voter, this is as offensive as saying that he hates free trade (which he does) or that he embraces liberal “common sense” gun laws (which is currently unclear). The the majority of voters, Republican or
4-Door Camaro

When you think of the Chevrolet Camaro what comes to mind?  A high performance pony car that keeps getting better and has been around for many years would be a good answer.  Another acceptable answer is a car that represents Americana on an off the track as a steadfast performer
Colonel Allen West

It wouldn’t be the first time that former Congressman and Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West was absolutely correct about what President Obama was planning on doing. This could, however, be the most profound and potentially dangerous prediction if it does come to pass. Colonel West believes that the President is
Hillary Clinton Indictment

As more in the media are debunking the false narrative that Donald Trump’s campaign has been putting out for months about how he beats Hillary Clinton in the polls, the conversations seem to have changed on social media. Now the people who were saying, “Trump beats Hillary in the polls,”
Donald Trump Protesters

No politician has ever wielded the victim card with as much skill as Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if he’s the actual victim or not. He can make his supporters hate Megyn Kelly or love Vladimir Putin at will, which is why it’s not helping the situation when protesters go
Mitt Romney Go Away

In the race to stop Donald Trump from giving the White House to Hillary Clinton and humiliating the Republican party, Ted Cruz should accept every possible voter regardless of their motivations. There’s one vote that is coming his way in Utah and it’s a vote that Cruz should decline if
Susana Martinez

Marco Rubio was once considered the best chance the Republican Establishment had of beating Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. That’s still the case (sorry John Kasich) but even as their best hope, his chances are approaching zero. That’s not stopping establishment types from throwing their name behind him even if
Rudy Giuliani Marco Rubio

I’ll admit that I was just becoming aware that I’m a Republican at the time that Rudy Giuliani was running for President. Heck, I wasn’t even in high school yet but I knew that I liked the man who was on television during my formative years when 9/11 changed the
Bernie Sanders Democrats

Here’s a not-so-bold prediction: Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee for President. The Republicans have gone after Hillary Clinton so hard and her scandals are so deep that she is falling faster than she did in 2008 to Barack Obama.
Where in the World is Marco Rubio

There is no chance that I would support Marco Rubio for President and I like Rand Paul a lot, but it was painful to watch the short video his campaign team built earlier this month that was supposed to call out Rubio for being an absentee Senator.