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Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors point Stephen Curry beat Houston’s James Harden for as the Most Valuable Player for the National Basketball Association. Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, and New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis rounded out the top five. It has been a back and forth match between
Bernie Sanders

Don’t let the capital “I” before his state of Vermont confuse you. Senator Bernie Sanders, the second major candidate to announce his candidacy for the democratic nomination for president, is truly a democrat. In fact, he’s more liberal in his views than most democrats. Most political analysts would say that
Pakistani Heroin Smugglers Arrested in India

$15-$20 million in heroin was seized by Indian officials off the coast of Gujarat this week. It marks the biggest heroin bust in the country’s history. The boat of Pakistan origins was stopped by coast guard and the Indian Navy. All eight Pakistanis on board were arrested. The final destination
YouTube’s paid subscription service is launching later this year

Subscribers to Google Play All Access, which is Google’s answer to Spotify, don’t just get to enjoy unlimited music streaming, they have the added bonus of ad-free music videos on YouTube and the ability to download those videos to their mobile device for offline playback. All of this is thanks
Chatting and Texting

Millions of Americans love to text as their primary form of communication. The challenge is that most businesses are on landlines, so texting with them is much less common. Can website chat become a great alternative for businesses to have the same experience regardless of device? The answer is that
2015 Jeep Wranglers

The original, the namesake, and still the one that carries Jeep on its back and lets the world marvel at what true off road capability continues to be is the amazing Jeep Wrangler. As a highly sought after model, it’s no wonder the Wrangler won the Kelley Blue Book Best
Sesame Street made its own House of Cards parody

What does House of Cards, Sesame Street, and The Three Little Pigs have in common? All three of them have been combined into a creative parody video that was put up on YouTube a couple of days ago that follows the story of Mr. Frank Underwolf as he tried to

It isn’t just the big attacks on privacy like SOPA that get Google’s attention. The technology giant has its eyes on the government on small changes such as the proposed Rule 41 search and seizure change, for which public debate ended yesterday. There is a little confusion about what it
2015 Hyundai Equus

In a world full of very expensive luxury sedans from the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the Hyundai Equus asks “why?” Offering a full list of luxury features along with the ride that pleases and a style that shouts success the Equus shows up costing a lot less than the
Clash of Clans

Anyone who has gotten into an iOS or Android game, only to find that they either can’t continue or can’t get the full effect of the game without buying things within the app can appreciate Apple’s latest App Store move. They are highlighting games that let you pay once up