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Toshiba is working on encryption technology that’s impossible to crack

While the benefits of our increasingly digital and Internet-connected world are innumerable, so too are the downsides, the most obvious of which is the vulnerability of our information. Your information, my information, the government’s information, corporate information, every kind of information you can think of is vulnerable to hackers. Not
Free Trade

If there’s one thing that Wikileaks has done very well over the years, it’s to hold governments accountable. The tables were turned with their most recent big leak as a 17-document dump on Thursday exposed the Trade and Serives Agreement as a way to lock liberalizations into global law, basically
Egg-Laying Hen Farm

Egg-laying hens have been the most heavily affected by the intense spread of the avian flu that has affected nearly 50 million chickens and turkeys since the outbreak began. Now, grocery stores are starting to limit the number of cartons of eggs that can be purchased by individuals to prevent

Most had no idea that FIFA was under investigation. Now, we’re finding out that an investigation has been ongoing for years, even decades. The preeminent soccer organization that controls the fates and viewership of millions around the world has been accused of severe corruption. Seven were arrested. “As unfortunate as
Alexis Tsipras

Greece will not be able to pay the International Monetary Fund its June payment unless the European country can come up with agreements with its creditors, Yahoo reported Sunday. This is bad enough as a single payment of 750 million euros ($845 million) could go unpaid. What’s worse is that
Bristol Palin

It sounded like a perfect match – a US Medal of Honor recipient and the famous daughter of a former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate. Now, the perfect wedding has been cancelled. Sarah Palin posted to Facebook that the wedding between her daughter, Bristol, and Dakota Meyer would not
American Youth at Church

It doesn’t take Pew Research to tell us that fewer Americans are claiming religious affiliations. The rise in secularism is a clear indicator that the country is less driven by faith than in the recent past. In fact, a survey of 35,000 American showed a steep decline in the percentage
Whole Foods Market

Following the ebb and flow of investor sentiment is often a factor of fear when it comes to change. The more things stay the same in general, the healthier the stocks are. When changes come and people start selling, it’s often because they know that people are going to start
Keurig Coffee

Popular brands like Apple have learned over the years to keep the proper balance between exclusivity in some accessories and openness with others. As big as they are, they realize that they cannot keep everything closed off to innovation and must allow their users to have choices outside of their
David Cameron

It might be the most contentious and hotly fought political battle in the last three decades in England. The race between Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives and Ed Miliband’s Labour Party has been ugly and extremely unpredictable. Now, we’re on the verge of a conclusion. The platforms of each party