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Human Genetic Manipulation

Just when you thought that the worst that scientists could do in genetics was make GMO-laden vegetables or two-headed snakes, a team in China has been able to manipulate the ultimate genome: that of humans. In a lab, they were able to alter a gene within a human embryo, something
2016 Chevrolet Camaro

There was no way you could ever imagine Mustang would be upgraded and redone for a new generation and the Camaro not respond. The Mustang which just entered its new generation has taken over much of the market of sports cars that Camaro wants to have back, which has now
Mitsubishi 2015

Last year, the big story in the automotive industry from a sales perspective was Jeep. They shot past their competitors to post their best numbers in history just five years since their big drop during the recession. This year, Mitsubishi seems poised to be the comeback kids. Perhaps it’s wrong
Steam now has more than 125 million active users

It’s easy to track users on consoles due to the fact that each console uses a single dedicated platform created by the company that developed the console. Microsoft can track how many active users the Xbox One has, what games they’re playing, how long they’re playing them, and so on

For a company so large, fighting regulations around the world can be a daunting task. Facebook has had its share of challenges with their privacy policy in various countries. The latest to give them heartburn: Belgium. EU law is very sensitive to the privacy of its citizens, which can be
Google is working on a new service to combat Apple Pay

Apple Pay might not have been the first mobile payments service to enter the market but it has certainly risen to become on the most successful. Even though it launched less than six months ago, the service has enjoyed a level of popularity that Google Wallet never has despite having
Details on the Apple Watch’s Companion app have been leaked

The launch of the much-anticipated Apple Watch is just a couple of months away and one of the biggest questions people have is how the smartwatch is going to work with Apple’s other devices. Fortunately, a report from 9-to-5-Mac may have finally given us some answers thanks to a bit
Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 7 today

Bad news for Windows 7 users: as of today, Microsoft is officially ending mainstream support for the operating system. You shouldn’t let that worry you though, as this is nothing like the complete cessation of official support that Windows XP underwent a few months ago, Microsoft simply won’t be offering
This simple hacking tool reminds us how important secure passwords are

Internet companies and security groups would be hard pressed to make people more aware of how dangerous it is to use easy-to-guess passwords such as “12345678” or “password,” and yet numerous people still do this. The “it won’t happen to me” mentality is probably the biggest reason for this, but
Android apps collect a disturbing amount of data on their users

Many apps need your permission to access various parts of your smartphone before they can work, and many of us simply grant them this permission without looking into exactly what it is that these apps want to access. In what it describes as “barometer of what app makers think they