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Donald Trump Sheep

The candidate with the highest unfavorable rating this Presidential election cycle also seems to have the most dedicated core disciples. Now, Donald Trump is getting as bold as he’s ever been by saying something both insulting and hilarious about his own supporters.
Ben Carson Campaign

There have been some great candidates who turned out to be terrible Presidents. Our current President may be the best campaigner in decades while being one of the worst to sit in the Oval Office. Ben Carson may have been the opposite, but because his campaign skills are so bad,
Trevor FitzGibbon

If we’ve learned one thing about the liberal mainstream media, it’s that it will dig deep into any negative story that involves Republicans but will bury a similar story about Democrats whenever possible. Such is the case of Trevor FitzGibbon, a progressive PR pro whose agency shut down over multiple
Iraqi Christians

Without supporting Donald Trump’s call for a halt of all Muslim immigrants, the logic can apply to the refugee programs that are heavily weighted towards helping Muslims coming in through Syria. Their plight is unimaginable, but it’s not difficult to the same degree as the hardships, displacement, and murder of
The Death of Television

At an extracurricular bowling outing with some people at the office, an intern pointed at the television at the bar and told me that they would be going away, soon. The internet would soon eclipse it as the dominant force for delivering everything from news to entertainment to communication. Everything
Ted Cruz Tax Plan

The criticism of the flat tax model is that the average American would end up paying more as a result. According to Cruz, that’s not the case with his 10% flat tax. He says that his tax plan details that can be found on his website make a clear case
Governor Jerry Brown

One of the most religiously-charged political topics is right-to-die. Next to abortion, it’s the most passionately fought issue in many states. To make his decision in California, Governor Jerry Brown consulted a Catholic bishop.
Ahmed Mohamed

The mainstream media has been known for leaning left in most circumstances with a few exceptions that lean right such as Fox News. A recent hot story, the tail of Ahmed Mohamed’s clock that was mistaken for a bomb, seems to be demonstrating an unwillingness by mainstream media to turn
Ayatollah Kamenei talks to troops

The Ayatollah Kamenei and senior members of the Iranian government say they intend to bring about the destruction of Israel at some point in the near future. In the meantime, they’ve increased their air defenses to make sure that Israel doesn’t get the draw on them. Iranian brigadier general Mohsen Kazzemeini
Wall Street Black Monday

Not since the crash of 2008 has there been such certainty about the reasons behind last week’s and Monday’s world economic turmoil and Wall Street upheaval. The difference between now and then is that everyone today seems to be certain about conflicting reasons.