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The Advantages of Smart Thermostats

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Nearly every home has some device or another that is leading the charge in making their home a “smart home”. Whether it’s a speaker that answers their questions or a lighting system they can control from their phone, people are jumping on the smart home bandwagon and adjusting to an app controlled life. While it may seem like it’s all about the convenience of the smart devices, there are numerous perks to having a smart home. With the advent of smart HVAC technology, controlling the temperature of your home has never been easier. Here are some of the advantages of smart thermostats:
Easier to Program – Most programmable thermostats require a master’s degree, perhaps a doctorate to actually get it right, but smart thermostats change all that. Many of them are accompanied by an easy to use cell phone application that makes programming them a snap. No more complex manuals or guesswork; you simply walk yourself through the process and it’s done!

Recognition – A lot of the smart thermostats on the market are also learning thermostats. This means that they can recognize your preferences and adapt accordingly. For instance, if you keep the thermostat at 66 degrees when you’re at work, but prefer 68 when you’re at home, these trends can be learned and the thermostat will adjust itself within the normal time constraints. Having a sick day or coming home from work early? No worries, it will pick up your motion and adjust the temp for your enjoyment.

Distance Enabled Control – If you’re on vacation and you don’t want to pay to air condition the whole empty house, you can adjust your thermostat from your beach chair. Turn the temperature up or shut the air off if you want, because you’ll be able to turn it back on when you’re ready so upon your arrival home, you’ll be greeted with your optimal temperatures. This also means you can keep tracks of when your kids are fooling around with the temperature while you’re at work, so your utility bills don’t reflect their wanton disregard for energy consumption.

More Efficient – Since a smart thermostat can learn your behaviors, it’s obviously going to be a lot more efficient. You can turn down the temperature a little more when everyone is sleeping and the thermostat will learn this trend and adjust itself, ensuring maximum energy savings and ensuring your maximum comfort in the morning.

When you think about how complicated life has gotten, all we want is to find something that is going to make things a little bit easier for us. For many people, the smart home systems that are flooding the market are a blessing. It allows us complete control of our surroundings from an app on our phone and a smart thermostat is no different. If you want to make sure the heat is cranking on a snowy day, simply turn it up a few degrees before you leave work for the day and bask in the warmth when you arrive home.

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