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Are Mac Computers Really Virus Proof?

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Computers have become a necessary part of our lives these days. That point has become non-negotiable as more and more of our business is done via the internet. Sure, smartphones and tablets are capable of performing a lot of the duties to which we’ve become accustomed, but they can only take us so far. Many professional duties require a computer to perform them at full capacity, thus the reason 84% of American households own one.

For many years, there have been two choices for computer users; Mac or PC. Over one billion people have gone the PC route as they tend to be less expensive and loyalists believe they are easier to use. Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been paramount in selling PC systems, but there has been one huge existing gripe for even the most loyal PC user; viruses.

Viruses are the bane of every PC user’s existence. They can crash a system faster than any other threat to your computer out there and typically a virus means that everything on your system can be wiped out and damaged. There is the option of virus protection, but many people believe themselves to be impervious to the threat, so they opt out of protection and allow their systems to be vulnerable.

Ask any Mac user what they love most about their systems, and they will likely cite that Mac’s are less vulnerable to viruses. Many users claim that Mac computers are completely virus proof, but what is the actual truth about that?

Virus-proof or Not?

There are a lot of advantages to using an Apple system, but the short answer is no, they’re not virus proof. Apple claims that Mac systems are a lot less vulnerable than PCs are. They say that the way the operating system works, Mac computers have a harder time catching viruses that will destroy them. However, people aren’t really reading the fine print.

There are some rather harsh critics that claim that Mac’s OSX software is a lot more vulnerable than any level of windows combined. The truth about this is that there are lot more PC users and therefore there a lot more PC viruses than there are Mac viruses.   The real claim the Apple is making is that Macs aren’t vulnerable to PC viruses, which is equivalent to saying that cats can’t acquire canine diseases. When you get down to brass tacks, they’re comparing apples to oranges.

A reasonable claim cannot be made that Macs don’t get PC viruses. Of course, they don’t. The operating systems are completely different, so the same viruses will not cross over. It may seem as though we are hearing about a new PC virus every month or so, and the truth is that we are. However, when you look at the numbers PCs are a lot more prevalent than Macs by an incredible amount, so of course, there are going to be a lot more PCs impacted by viruses.

The Honest Truth

Long story short, Macs are not virus proof. They may be less vulnerable than other systems, but they’re also a lot less readily used also. If you’re thinking of buying a Mac solely based on the claim that they can’t contract viruses, don’t do it. That’s not a good enough reason to spend the extra money. As with any major purchase, do your research. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each system to determine which one fits your most imperative needs.

Nothing in life is risk-free, especially electronics. There is no way to be entirely certain that brand new computer isn’t going to get a virus. There just isn’t. The only thing that will serve consumers right, every single time, is research. You know what they say: caveat emptor.


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