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Best Laptops Under $500

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It wasn’t long ago that the most basic computer you could purchase cost thousands of dollars and gave users time to consume dinner while it connected to the internet. Back then, desktops were the way of the world and very little was known about the laptops. Has that changed or what? Most desktop computers function as obsolete paperweights these days.

When laptops emerged, they were roughly the weight of a cinder block, about four inches thick and had tiny little screens that were monochromatic. They were also ridiculously expensive, as people were willing to pay for the convenience of a portable computer.

In our society today, laptops are a little bit obsolete as many consumers have moved on to tablets with optional Bluetooth keyboards. It’s a lot more convenient, they can tuck them away in their purse, and they lend perfectly to doing business on the go. However, laptops are still pretty popular, especially amongst college kids who are still burdened with extensive papers that are better written on a full sized keyboard. But over the years, something pretty cool has happened; the prices have plummeted, dramatically.

What You Want vs. What You Need

Look, here’s the thing, if you’re a hardcore gamer you are not going to find the laptop you’re looking for, for under a grand. However if you’re a pretty basic user, who doesn’t intend to run a great deal of heavy-handed graphic laden programs, there are some basic laptops on the market that would be perfect. Here’s the kicker; most of them are under $500!

The best step in buying any new electronic device is to weigh what you want against what you need. For example, if you’re thirty-five and think you’re really going to get back into The Sims, despite your family and other obligations – that’s a want and probably a really unrealistic one. If you know you’re going to need to have portable access to your email and have to type out the occasional memo – that’s a need and you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, pretty inexpensively.

The Best 4 Under $500

HP – HP formerly known as Hewlett Packard makes a ton of laptops for under $500 and they’re usually pretty up there when it comes to technology. They usually offer up to 8GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive, which is great for what’s on the market now. Most basic users will get done what they need to with the specs HP has available in their under $500 price range.

Dell – Yep, you could be getting a Dell. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the “dude you’re getting a dell” joke. But seriously though, you could be. Dell used to be one of the biggest names in computers and they still have pretty long lasting machines and fair to midgrade customer service. They have a couple of different models available for under $500.

Asus – Asus makes a ton of computers that come in under five hundred and a bunch that break the thousand dollar mark as well. Known for their Republic of Gamers laptops, Asus isn’t only in the super machine game. Their laptops are awesomely inexpensive, fast, and spec’d out to the nines.

Acer – This computer brand used to be a little bit hit or miss when they were in the netbook game, but they’ve really stepped up their game a bit. They offer really good workhorse machines that remain pretty basic, but still function for the average user’s needs.

Don’t break the bank on a machine you don’t need or don’t know how to use. The average user won’t require a lot of the bells and whistles on the market and don’t allow yourself to be talked into one. Go to the store or online with a strict price point in mind and don’t waiver. You can find what you’re looking for, at a decent price.

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