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Driving Trips in Top Vacation Sites

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When most people go on vacation they like to see the sites and take in the local culture as much as they can. For many people, this means walking around the area in which they’re living for that period of time and taking in as many different tourist hot spots as they can. However, many popular vacation destinations have a recommended road trip that can get you out the hotel, away from the overpriced souvenirs, and in control of your own vacation destiny.

For a lot of people, the idea of driving a rented car in an unfamiliar location can prompt some serious anxiety, but they needn’t be worried. Most of the recommended journeys are time-honored traditions for many a tourist and the roads are well worn by unfamiliar tires. There’s no better way to take in the sites that are off the beaten path unless you’re willing to get behind the wheel and go exploring.

Wheels Up

  1. Road To Hana – Okay, so you’re already in Maui and you’re enamored with the area already, but there’s so much more than the island has to offer than what you can find off of the Ka’anapali Parkway. In Hawaiian, the word Hana means Heaven, so this road trip is aptly named. If you want to see stunning waterfalls, lush plant life, and quaint little beach towns this trip is a must do. Want to see your first black sand beach? You can do just that on the Road to Hana. There are also plenty of scenic photo ops, hiking pit stops, and swimming breaks. It’s only 64 miles, but you should plan for the trip to take the whole day and don’t forget your camera.
  2. Silverado Trail – If you’re enjoying a delightful vacation in California’s Wine Country, this road trip is definitely worth taking. Covering 29 miles of California countryside, this drive offers incredible views of the foothills. Just an hour north of San Francisco, this drive will take about an hour if you drive straight through without stopping, but you don’t want to do that. Stop along the way to sample local wines at the small wineries dotting the roadside or choose from many a small side trip and take in some prized locales rich with local history. In the Spring, you’ll be greeted with the site of mustard flowers blanketing the valley or go in the fall when the grapes are being harvested. Either way, you can’t go wrong.
  3. Overseas Highway – If you’ve been spending time in Miami lately and the sun is a little too much, take a day trip down to the Keys. Only a hundred and twenty miles, this road trip will give you the chance to be one with the highway as you spend most of the time over the water. Breathe in the salty sea air and revel in the gorgeous blues and greens of the sea stretched out in front of you. Stop and grab a bite to eat at any of the seafood spots along the way and grab a cold beer to beat the heat and humidity, but just one!
  4. Route 1 – If you want to do some traveling in California, but you’re not satisfied with just one location, this is the trip for you. If you’re in Los Angeles and you just can’t take any more celebrity-themed tour, take a couple of days and plan out this trip along Route 1. You’ll end up in San Francisco, but you’ll also lose every preconceived notion you ever had about California. You’ll see beach towns with boardwalks and arcades, you’ll travel through the wild and uncivilized forest of Big Sur, and you can take in the wildlife of the Monterey Bay in their natural habitat.
  5. Francisville/I-10 – While not particularly scenic or especially beautiful, this is one road trip where the destination is the important part. Vacationing in New Orleans can be an overwhelming experience and if you need to dry out a little bit and get away from it all, this is the trip for you. On the way, you can take a pit stop in Baton Rouge and check out the Old State Capitol building, see what’s happening on campus at LSU, or take a tour of the USS Kidd. After your detour, hop back on the highway and get to St. Francisville. Here you see the infamous Myrtles Plantation, known as one of the most haunted locations in the United States or check out the Angola Museum which was at one point a former plantation home and then became one of the United State’s biggest maximum security prisons.

Whether you’re sick of the area you’re in or you’re too sunburned to function, these road trips will give you a break from the touristy day to day. See what other locations have to offer and drive your cares away!


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