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Fall Road Trips Worth Your Time

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Soon, the summer will come to a close and the most beautiful season of the year will be upon us. As of September 22, fall is here and road trip season will be in full swing. Think about it, you and your favorite person/people packed into the car, an amazing playlist, and the fall air wafting through the open windows. Does it get any better?

Road trips are a time-honored tradition. They are often a key milestone in a new relationship, where you figure out if you’re able to tolerate the person with whom you’ve been sharing time. They’re a relatively inexpensive way to spend some time with the people you enjoy and get away from it all. Fall is an especially scenic time of year to hit the open road, and with these recommended journeys, it’s not all about seeing colorful leaves.

The Top Five Trips You Won’t Regret

  • Skyline Drive – There is no view quite as breathtaking as Shenandoah National Park in Virginia as seen from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you’re hunting fall foliage or just looking for a beautiful drive, this one is perfect. The park has lodging accommodations and camping areas, thus making it an inexpensive journey if you’re looking to make an overnighter out of it. The whole trip is about a hundred and five miles and the park itself is peppered with plenty of hiking trails to make the trip last a little bit longer. The leaves aren’t bad to look at either.
  • Big Bend Scenic Loop – Starting at the Panther Junction Visitor Center in Big Bend National Park, this hundred mile drive is the one of the best Texas has to offer. Minus the oppressively high heat of the summer, this road trip becomes a joyful experience. Breathe in the clean desert air, take in the mountain vistas, and stop to regard the park’s wildlife as you cruise at a cool 45 miles per hour. You’ll be able to catch the best of many different worlds; rivers, mountains, and deserts all in one location. If you go off the main route, however, make sure your vehicle is capable of such a journey. If you’re looking to make a weekend of it, stay in one of the park’s three different campgrounds.
  • Columbia River Highway – These seventy miles of scenic byway begin in Troutdale, Oregon. Not only will you see the stunning array of fall colors, but you’ll also be a party to incredible mountain views and lush forests. However, the best part of this trip will be the multiple waterfalls in the gorge of the Columbia River. With unparalleled panoramas available and inexpensive lodging, this trip could be accomplished for a nominal amount of money.
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Foliage isn’t the only thing New England road trips have to offer. There is also a stunning coastline and many old-fashioned locales where time had stood still. By following Route 1 on this gorgeous eighteen-mile route, you’ll see Odiorne Point State Park and the remarkable coastline views on your way in Portsmouth. Colonial buildings and cobblestone streets abound in this quaint New England town. Lodging is available for less than $250 dollars if you get sucked into your surroundings.

No road trips are complete without a great fall playlist full of throwback jams and delicious local food stops along the way, so make sure you take your time in each of these areas. Crank the tunes and roll down the windows to enjoy the amazing views laid out in front of you and make the most of your company.


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