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What Makes a Tesla Different?

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Automotive trends wax and wane, like the moon. Some disappear altogether, with barely a flash in the pan while others remain for long periods of time, and continue on with no end in sight. There are brands of cars that have posted record numbers for over twenty years on their most popular models, because the brand is tried and true, and people love their cars. For this reason, there will continue to be an influx of the latest versions of these cars on the road for years to come. Every once in a great while, though, something comes out of the woodwork and surprises the trends spotters.

For the past couple of years, there has been an emergence of a new type of car that is defying expectations and shattering popular opinions. These vehicles are stunning in appearance, impressive in performance, and incredibly green at the same time. For many, the logo is still unfamiliar, and it will have your passengers looking it up on the internet to find out what type of car just passed you. She’s an eye opener, for sure, but looks aren’t all that Tesla has to offer to the U.S. automotive scene.

For a company that was founded in 2003, Tesla took their sweet time trying to make a profit, as it wasn’t until 2013 that they finally did so. Their first vehicle was available in the United States by order only. The Roadster, which popped up in 2010, was the first all-electric sports car ever introduced, and production quickly ceased when Tesla’s contract with Lotus ran out. Speculation says there is another Roadster prototype on its way in the coming years, but it won’t make the same splash that the original did. 2012 saw the first deliveries in the United States of the Model S sedan, Tesla’s first major offering in this market.

For drivers concerned with sustainability but still wanting to enjoy the drive, Tesla is the perfect option, as it offers an all-electric design without sacrificing the power or performance of the vehicle. The Model S can accelerate from 0-60 in under three seconds, and a maximum speed of over a hundred and fifty miles per hour. For speed enthusiasts, the model S alleviates any feelings of doubt that an electric car could ever live up to what a gas powered vehicle can do. Boasting 259 horsepower, performance isn’t going to be a problem.

Another concern about electric cars is that there aren’t enough charging stations to make them a practical purchase, but Tesla’s supercharger network is pretty sizable and it is growing every day. Many of their charging stations are located near restaurants, or shopping complexes to allow for maximum time savings. Get your grocery shopping done while your car charges, or enjoy a bite to eat with the family. While you’re running errands, your car can reach a maximum charge at one of these stations, and you’re good to go.

These days, most people want safety, and let’s face it; electric cars aren’t really inspiring feelings of invulnerability. Most of them are diminutive, and not all that impressive. The Model S resembles any other full-sized sedan in size and attitude. Not only that, but Tesla has designed their vehicles to be incredibly safe. It is reinforced with steel beams to protect drivers and passengers on the sides, it’s loaded with airbags, and it offers incredible stability and handling. All wheel drive is offered standard on some models, and the dual motor technology allows for more effective use of this feature.

Could Tesla be the wave of the future? It may not be what everyone is looking for, but it provides a viable alternative to traditional fuel vehicles. It also gives people a better option when compared to the other electric vehicles on the market. No longer does having an electric vehicle limit that amount of enjoyment you’re able to experience in your car.


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