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Faraday Future Still Strives for Relevance

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The world of luxury EV models is going to get crowded fast by the time Faraday Future finally has a vehicle they can sell and one we can all enjoy to drive.  This brand and company recently revealed its new FF91 model at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of this year, but we haven’t heard much from them since. As a company that has Tesla in its sights there seems to be a need for them to have more news and information in the past four months than what’s been reported.

What the Faraday Future EV has to Offer

While things may have been quiet on public front, which have led to many questions as to what the Faraday Future team has been working on, a new video gives us a look at what the FF91 is and shows one out on the road taking on the challenges that the California landscape can provide. In this video titled “Emergence” it seems the FF91 is a vehicle that could be ready to head to the market soon with the look and feel of a vehicle that has the exciting electric power and advanced equipment that you want to have in a modern vehicle.

This car is shown to be able to read the road signs and carve up the corners with the control you want to have when you’re ready to make driving more exciting for you. The video may seem overly enhanced, but that’s the case with many of the different advertising videos we see from automakers, which means this shouldn’t be a surprise to use at all. What’s impressive are the numbers that Faraday Future claims this vehicle has to offer you when you’re ready to take it out on the road and let it be the right one for you to drive.

Can the FF91 Compete?

If you see beyond the video quality, you’ll notice there are several intelligent features offered on this luxury EV vehicle, including the ability to recognize the surroundings and offer you the information you want when on the road. This vehicle is able to give you more than what you have with its direct competitor, the Tesla Model S. The team claims the FF91 makes a combined 1,050 horsepower with the used of the multiple electric motors that are aboard. The battery pack offers up 130 kWh of capacity and the overall range of this vehicle comes out to be nearly 378 miles.

While this car can’t be considered a direct competitor with the Tesla Model S yet because it’s not on the market, Faraday Future wants to make sure we still have them and their new entry in the front of our minds with the video linked below. Enjoy this video and think about what it might be like to sit behind the wheel of this car and take a ride. It’s possible that the FF91 will be the most advanced model on the road when it’s time for it to enter the market and be offered for sale.

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