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Ride sharing- A Lesson in Modern Transportation

A Lesson in Modern Transportation

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Living in a major metro area means that you are well versed with mass transit and systems like Uber and Lyft. And, as I found on a recent trip to Virginia Beach, it helps if you know how to use these systems even if you are just a tourist. I have since had to educate myself on these modes so that I don’t look like a doofus. But, now knowing how easy it is to use these systems, it makes me ponder, should more people become operators? With the right vehicle, one that is fuel efficient, comfortable, and spacious for passengers, you can make some good extra money by helping people out, getting them from point A to B.

The growing Transportation Network Companies (TNC) market currently has Lyft and Uber as their strongest competitors, and the competition is fierce. Both have strong points for riders and drivers, so it is pointless to get into those pros and cons, there are a million different articles about that. But what makes you a good candidate as a driver and can you make real money doing it? Both services are designed for ride sharing. So, with the right vehicle, you can really carry many fares at the same time, for increased profits. And, in the right area, that is not saturated with numerous forms of transit, you can make some bank. To find out if the services are in your area, you can refer to Uber and Lyft that will clue you in on whether you will be the only pony in town.

The next step is finding out if your vehicle is right for the services, and if it is not, what should you go with? You don’t want to be driving the dirt and French fry mobile that many of the families out there use to take on their daily adventures. Clean, fresh and sanitary would be great features for any rideshare vehicle. You also want to make sure that you have the space for several passengers and their gear as well as fuel efficiency so that your profits are not dumped into petrol. If your current model doesn’t pass the test, then you have options. Choosing from the wealth of hybrid and full sized models out there are sure to satisfy you and your passengers. Make sure that you have trunk space, leg room and some luxury sure do make sure that your passengers spread the word.

With the right amount of homework, ridesharing might be a great option for making you some extra change. In researching it, you might find that it is not for you, but is sure good to know how to use when traveling in the future. I have certainly been schooled and feel like I have taken a good step into the modern age with a better understanding of these tools. Enjoy traveling this beautiful country, whether you are behind the wheel, or in the passenger’s seat.

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