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How Can You Make a Porsche Better?

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While this question has some simple answers such as adding more power to their sports car lineup or by continuing to balance out the power with the driving as Porsche has done for generations, the question is meant for the SUVs of Porsche.  Specifically, I’m asking how you can make the Porsche Cayenne better than it is because this SUV is one that offers the sport we want with the build and added space we desire.  Those who drive the Porsche Cayenne have experienced one of the best SUV on the luxury sports market, but there is always a way to make it better.


Porsche has recently announced they are going to offer a new edition to the Cayenne lineup later this year.  This new trim level is going to be the Platinum Edition and it will be offered on both of the Cayenne models.  As is typical of Porsche they do nearly everything on a larger scale than most automakers.  Other automakers would offer one version of this higher edition on a model because their model would only move up in one direction, but from a company that has a Porsche 911 that can be had in nearly twenty-five different ways (only six flavors short of Baskin Robbins) there should be no surprise there will be two version of this new top level Cayenne.

Both versions, the Cayenne and the Cayenne S E-hybrid will add twenty-inch RS Spyder design wheels that fit perfectly into the larger wheel arches provided for them  There will also be some special interior upgrades such as the leather eight-way electrically adjustable sport seats that have Alcantara center panels, a Porsche crest that is sewn into the headrests, stainless steel door sills with the words “Platinum Edition” illuminated lest you forget what this vehicle is.

As for colors for these two upper trim models, you can enjoy the solid black or white as the standard offerings or you can get creative.  If you want to be creative with your color you can choose Jet Black, Purpuite, Mahogany, Carrara White and Rhodium Silver.  The exterior trim of the Platinum Edition will also have the high-gloss black trim that you want it to have to set off or blend in with any of the color choices you make.  While we don’t have pricing yet for the Platinum Edition of the Porsche Cayenne you can certainly admire the way this model has been improved with this upper trim level.

The expectation is that Porsche will now have this SUV available to trim out in a similar fashion to the Porsche 911 which can be customized to virtually be one of a kind every time it rolls off the assembly line.  By taking this step Porsche will offer those with more disposable income and a discernable desire to be in a class of their own the ability to choose this Platinum Edition and enjoy the benefits of higher trim packaging and overall better looks in this already handsome and active SUV.

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