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Bringing Back Old Technology in a New Way

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Do you remember being able to watch a movie on a giant screen from the inside of your vehicle, the back of your truck or just by popping a couple lawn chairs down at the drive-in?  Most of the younger generations don’t remember this and even those of use heading into our forties don’t remember them as well as our parents.  Drive-in theaters have mostly been deleted from the landscape of America with the advancements in digital technology which brings us the amazing sound and effects we now enjoy at the movie theaters.

Were drive-in theaters a bad idea?  Not at all, the thought of being able to watch a movie in an open air setting and putting a speaker on your car window is one that was admired for a few decades and gave us plenty of enjoyment.  Even though these theaters have been passed over by the technology that we see in our movies today and for the most part were not funded well enough to be kept up and maintained there is a new idea on the market that could give us the fun of watching a movie out in the open.

The new Hitch Theater which is being brought to use through a new Kickstarter campaign is a great way you can have a drive-in theater of your own.  This is a theater setup that you can take with you in your truck.  Using a large 122-inch vinyl screen for you to view the movie on that mounts to the hitch of your truck and a projector that can be set up on top of the truck or on the ground you can project a movie for the whole crowd to enjoy.  This is a great way to have a camping trip with lots of friends and take along a movie theater of your own.

With the Kickstarter campaign you will get the projector, tripod and screen with the frame but you will need to purchase some speakers to project the sound to the area you are watching from.  The Hitch Theater offers you the fun of a party of people watching on a larger screen by the lake or the intimacy of just a couple lying in the bed of the truck with the theater screen coming up over the tailgate.  This is because of the different setups you can have which allow you to turn the screen or have the projector on the tripod on the roof of the truck or on the ground.

This has got to be an idea you can certainly love, especially if you are someone who loves the outdoors and loves to enjoy some movies.  This projector plugs into your vehicle through the charging ports, plugs that your truck may have or an electric generator you can take with you.  The Hitch Theater packs down easily into the bed of your truck to be a great item you can take anywhere with you.  The drive-in theater isn’t dead; it now has a new way for you to enjoy the fun of an open air outdoor theater using the Hitch Theater system.

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