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Why the crossover is king

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A couple of years ago, the American public couldn’t have told you the difference between a crossover, an SUV, or anything that fell in between, but now you can’t seem to get away from the crossover vehicle.  They’ve easily become some of the most popular vehicles in the United States, taking some of the glory from the humble sedan, and taking the heat off of the gas guzzling SUV.  The spike in popularity seems to have happened in just the past few years, but the question many people are asking is, why?  Why is the crossover king?

Before we delve into the number of reasons why the crossover has begun to eclipse both the sedan and the traditional SUV, perhaps we should define exactly what a crossover entails.  While an SUV, or sports utility vehicle is a vehicle built on the frame of a truck, the crossover is built on the frame of a car and uses a unibody technology.  This means that the frame of the crossover and the body are one solid piece.  For many people, a crossover is simply a small sized SUV and the term can be used interchangeably, but for the purposes of this article, the distinction is important.

There are many reasons that the crossover is rapidly taking over the automotive market as the most popular choice of vehicles for single people, married couples, the eldery, and everything in between.  Our lives have certainly gotten busier and with that, they’ve accumulated more stuff.  As we struggle with the day to day of going to work, shopping for groceries, and getting the kids off to their respective practices, we don’t always have time to stop for loading and unloading in between.  Busy lives mean more stuff in our vehicles, and more stuff means a necessity for more space, also known as the number one reason people are favoring a crossover.

If you’ve ever tried to get football pads, or goalie gear out of the trunk of a sedan, you’re probably well aware that it is no easy feat.  This is one of the reasons that crossovers have increased in popularity; people need more space.  A crossover typically also functions with a lift gate in the back versus the standard trunk lid, making things a great deal more convenient to load and unload.  Many of the crossovers on the market offer a large amount of space behind the rear seats in order to easily stow sports equipment, two weeks’ worth of groceries, or a pretty healthy haul when running the weekend errands.  For busy moms on the go, the crossover is the obvious choice.

The secret is out, crossovers get better gas mileage than most SUVS, and even some sedans.  When you add in extra storage space, it usually adds a tremendous amount of weight to the vehicle, thus increasing the amount of fuel consumed.  Crossovers, because of their unibody design and smaller stature, usually do incredibly well on gas, and they remain the budget friendly choice for many families as a result.  If you can have added space without breaking the bank at the gas pumps, the correct choice is evident.

Many crossovers also have the option of AWD, a feature that becomes important when you live in an area that gets a healthy dose of winter weather.  As crossovers are a top choice for young families, safety is always a huge concern, and all-wheel drive provides a feeling of safety when the roads aren’t in the best condition.  Fortunately, the addition of all-wheel drive doesn’t decimate the gas mileage, or make the vehicle too difficult to drive.  Many of them also have a plethora of additional safety features that add into the comfort most people feel when driving.

It’s no secret, if you’ve ever been in a parking lot waiting for a huge SUV to back up, that SUVs can be incredibly cumbersome and awkward.  The last thing you want with your added space, and increased gas mileage is additional blind spots and the stressful feeling of a vehicle that is difficult to drive.  With kids fighting in the backseat and a task list that is a mile long, your drive shouldn’t be stressful.  Crossovers allow for the height and space of an SUV without the domineering size, and they also tend to feel a little bit more sure footed on the road, as they drive more like a car that a truck.

When you’re a busy mom on the go, of course, a crossover is going to be the obvious choice for your small family.  With the convenience and safety of an SUV with the drivability of a sedan, a CUV will usually be the best choice for nearly every driver, family or no family.  A vehicle with extra space, a modest price tag, and great gas mileage?  Where do we sign up?  When compared against your average sedan, it’s no secret why the crossover is taking over.

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