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Trump’s big surprise for low-information ‘Republican’ voters: Entitlements

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Donald Trump loves entitlements. Let that sink in for a moment. To the informed Republican voter, this is as offensive as saying that he hates free trade (which he does) or that he embraces liberal “common sense” gun laws (which is currently unclear). The the majority of voters, Republican or Democrat, it’s not a topic that’s discussed often except by the left when they say in their stump speeches that the nasty GOP wants to take away granny’s social security checks.

Entitlements are tricky because they’re the most insolvent portion of the national debt. The programs that conservative Republicans want to reduce in phases are the programs that make reducing the $19 trillion national debt impossible to reduce. If there is no reform on entitlements, there will be no reduction of the national debt. It doesn’t matter how good the economy is or how much you tax the citizens. There aren’t enough other programs or departments to cut in order to combat the plague of entitlement programs that have been kicked down the road.

That’s the problem and it must be addressed. The old line from conservatives was that we needed to secure our grandchildren’s future by fixing the revenue-sucking entitlement behemoths. Then, the narrative turned towards our children who were going to inherit an insurmountable debt that past governments had kicked down their road. Today, it’s our problem. We are the grandchildren and the children that are going to be affected. We’re the people who are burdened by the mistakes of our past.

Tomorrow isn’t soon enough. We can’t wait until 2020. We are facing a debt situation that will crush the economy during the next Presidential term if immediate action isn’t taken. In case you’re wondering why you haven’t heard this before, it’s because the liberal mainstream media, Congressional Democrats, and big government Republicans are tiptoeing around the issue like a tall Jenga tower that’s swaying in preparation to come tumbling down. They know it can happen. They know it will happen. As long as it doesn’t happen on their watch, they’re willing to keep kicking it down the road.

This was supposed to be the year that electorate stood up and said enough was enough. This was supposed to be the year to elect a true conservative to the White House. Then, Trump happened.

What Trump is avoiding and what his cohorts in mainstream media refuse to discuss is the fact (yes, fact, not opinion) that his love for entitlements is a form of pandering to the uninformed voters. The surprise that’s waiting on the other side of the nomination process is a choice between two people who are unwilling to address the most crippling component of the federal government. Between Trump and Clinton, nothing will be done to put a halt to this debilitating monster looming right around the corner.

If only for this reason, it’s imperative that voters do the right thing and elect the only candidate willing to do something about it, the only man capable of fixing this mess before it crumbles. Vote Cruz. It’s necessary.

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