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The Cruz immigration plan, examined

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Ever since Donald Trump entered the Presidential nomination scene by focusing initially on the border, strange things started happening in the Republican party and to Americans in general. First, the topic, once thought to be “taboo” by the GOP Establishment, grew longer legs than expected. Second, the general consensus that once supported a border wall quickly dropped to under 35%. Both can be blamed on the media; their Trump overexposure helped to push him to the forefront while their disgust with the idea of securing the borders swayed many to stop supporting a wall.

Since then, Trump has been the focus of nearly everything associated with illegal immigration. This is ironic for those of us who follow politics regularly and not just when Trump is on television because Ted Cruz has always been a very strong proponent of border security. While Trump was still supporting Bill de Blasio and meeting with DREAMers, Cruz was already calling for a border wall.

Let’s take a look at the components of his immigration plan, one that we believe is superior in both form and realistic execution than Trump’s. We’ll take it point by point:

Secure the Border

  • Build a Wall: very little specifics have been put out by either the Cruz or Trump campaign regarding the wall, but the fact that they both want one is good. Trump’s plan to have Mexico pay for it can be viewed as a bonus, but many are skeptical about his ability to pull that particular rabbit out of its sombrero.
  • Triple the Number of Border Patrol Agents: Combined with his plan to eliminate the IRS, there will probably be plenty of federal employees to train for their new jobs.
  • Aerial Surveillance, Technology Increases: Of all of his recommendations, this is probably the most compelling. There’s no reason that we shouldn’t use the power of technology on a grander scale to stop illegal immigration. Put Silicon Valley on it and they’ll find the border holes.
  • Biometric Tracking: The problem isn’t just with illegal immigration. It’s also with legal entrants who overstay. Through biometric tracking, we’ll be able to find those who enter and do not leave when they’re supposed to be gone.

Restore the Rule of Law

  • End Obama’s Illegal Amnesty: No-brainer.
  • Increase Deportation and End Catch-and-Release: Again, a no-brainer.
  • End Sanctuary Policies, Sign Kate’s Law, Deport Criminals: Another no-brainer, but more must be said. One of the worst parts about the illegal immigration problem is when local politicians use their power to harbor those who have broken the law. This must stop. Citizens should not be getting hurt or killed by those who don’t belong here.
  • Stop Benefits, Fix E-Verify: There are distinct financial advantages to being an illegal immigrant in America rather than a citizen of countries south of the border. That’s why it’s so rampant. As a country, we actually encourage them to break our laws. This has to stop.

Reform Legal Immigration and Protect Americans

  • Suspend the Issuance of H-1B Visas for 180 Days to Complete a Comprehensive Investigation and Audit of Pervasive Allegations of Abuse of the Programs: It’s a lot of words, so many that Trump couldn’t fit it into one of his Tweets. It’s also a complex issue because the Visa program is a good one for Americans when it’s not abused. Unfortunately, there are holes in it wide enough to drive a busload of unqualified foreign workers through it, so this particular policy proposal is vital. The program must be fixed.
  • Halt Any Increases in Legal Immigration So Long as American Unemployment Remains Unacceptably High: Legal immigration can be a great thing for an economy, but only when there’s enough employment for those already in the country.
  • Enforce the Public-Charge Doctrine: To enter this country legally, immigrants are supposed to be economically self-sufficient. Obviously, this isn’t the case. By enforcing the doctrine, immigrants will not be able to realistically expect that they’ll be taken care of by American taxpayers.
  • End Birthright Citizenship: This must happen. Just like with the financial incentives, giving familial incentives to come to the country and have a child must be halted.

Ted Cruz has the most potent and intelligent plan to bring an end to the problem of illegal immigration. While Trump spews rhetoric, Cruz has established a roadmap to fix one of the most impactful problems facing Americans today. We’re all affected in one way or another by illegal immigration. Cruz has the right plan to fix it.

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