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Ideas that seem crazy

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When you think of the Chevrolet Camaro what comes to mind?  A high performance pony car that keeps getting better and has been around for many years would be a good answer.  Another acceptable answer is a car that represents Americana on an off the track as a steadfast performer and one that is admirably great to drive.  The Camaro has been a name that feels like the blue-collar workhorse of the performance realm and has been one we have enjoyed driving for several decades already to be a car that has its own place in history.

When you think about a sedan what comes to mind?  Sedans are typically considered to be boring family cars and ones that are meant to give us great gas mileage along with some features that make us more comfortable behind the wheel.  For the most part sedans don’t come with much in the way of style, speed, power or energy, but are meant to get the whole family where we need to go and offer the ride we want that has a focus on safety, reliability and affordability.  While there are many sedans on the roads, these aren’t typically the cars we look to drive when we want to play.

What would happen if we blended a Camaro with a sedan?  Actually how would it look to have a Camaro sedan rather than just the two-door models?  Imagine pulling up to your kid’s school in a Camaro that has been given enough space to seriously allow car seats and booster seats in the back while also giving the kids a couple doors of their own to enter and exit the vehicle.  This seems odd and not something you might want to consider, but someone else already considered it and has shown us what it would look like.

Automotive artist Theophilus Chin offered a rendering of what a four-door Camaro would look like.  This gives us a muscle car that would be great for the whole family to take a ride and enjoy the time on the track.  Of course this is just a rendering and not something Chevrolet is seriously considering.  Can you imagine the rules for strapping in a car seat on the track and just how fast you really could drive with your kids in the back seat of the Camaro?  This does seem and really is a far-fetched idea, but it’s still something to think about, especially if you have ever had to exit the rear seat of a Camaro.

If Chevrolet ever did seriously consider making this car into one offered as part of their lineup, using the rendering from Mr. Chin would be a great way to start.  The Chevrolet lineup does lose a true sports sedan in the SS after this year, but replacing it with a Camaro sedan seems like a long shot, but you never know how a long shot might play out.  Even if this car never comes to reality, it’s still fun to dream and consider the possibilities.

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