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Going into the R36 model will give us a GT-R that seems familiar

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Nissan has done a masterful job of keeping the GT-R relevant when it comes to exceptional power, drivability and gorgeous features that make it a high priced sports car we want to drive.  The GT-R has found its way to being a strong competitor with the Porsche 911, BMW M3 and other sports cars that are made for driving and racing.  While the current R35 model will receive refreshes for the 2017 model year, Nissan has shown us a concept of what the next generation, R36, will bring to the market.

The concept that was presented shows up as a familiar looking car with shapes, angles and power we are used to, but a futuristic design that has taken some of the inspiration from the Vision Gran Turismo car that makes it a car that can be one that we can admire and feel is familiar from the game and from the current model we see on the roads now.  The expectation for the new GT-R is to take it to another level of sport but still give us some of what we have already enjoyed on the market for several years.

One aspect of the new GT-R that will help take it to the level of being a straight supercar and one that you can seriously appreciate the engineering is the fact it will most likely be a hybrid model.  Even though it won’t be in the same price range or performance realm as the Porsche 918, this hybrid setup will give the GT-R more performance and power for us to enjoy.  Nissan has stated hybrid cars are the future of supercars and with so many other companies already embracing this form of power it the right way to stay relevant compared to other cars of similar builds and style.

Even though the expectation is that the GT-R will remain much less expensive than the Porsche 918 was it will still see a price jump as a hybrid supercar.  The current models sell for around $110,000 and the next version, with the hybrid powertrain, will most likely come in much closer to a starting price of $150,000.  The price increase is not what worries some experts, but the hybrid powertrain might although most GT-R fans and owners have a clear understanding of the fact this car is about embracing cutting edge technology and creating a car that leads the way.

While Nissan spends the next three years sorting out what the new GT-R will be exactly, we get the pleasure of enjoying the new model for the 2017 year that will have four models to choose from.  Will you pick the base model, the premium version, a performance/track model or the NISMO?  Regardless of which GT-R you enjoy this will be the final upgrade for the R35 mode and celebrate a long run of success that has shown us Nissan can keep our interest even when a car is getting long in the tooth; at least until the new version is revealed for the 2020 model year.

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