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Trump touts poll showing him losing Wisconsin. Is he choking?

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Since taking over the lead in many polls last summer, Donald Trump has been the loudest trumpet of every positive poll out there. He promotes them more than the pollsters themselves which is one of the reasons that his public image as a winner has been maintained. Today, he Tweeted a slightly different poll. This time, he’s ALL CAPS happy about a poll that shows him losing by a little bit in Wisconsin.

As I posted on Twitter, the #Trumplosion has begun.

Here’s his original Tweet:

With 100% certainty I can tell you that Trump would never post the results of a poll that showed him losing at any point in the past unless it was a state like Texas that he was expected to lose. Proudly displaying the results of a losing poll in a state that he was winning handily a month ago represents a shift in his campaign philosophy. Before, it was all about winning. Now, it’s about not losing by that much. Granted, he was showing behind by double-digits in the previous poll so having a poll showing him down by 1% is positive movement (though the previous poll, Marquette Law School’s Poll, is widely considered the most accurate in the state). Still, it represents a desperate desire to change the conversation which, of late, hasn’t been very positive.

He wants the focus to be that he’s catching up instead of…

Unfortunately, that’s just this week. Yes, it’s been a bad week for Trump.

Will it stick? Is this just a bad time for the Trump campaign or are more people opening their eyes to the exceedingly dangerous liberal perspectives that Trump espouses? Is this a speed bump or does it represent more Americans waking up from their Trump-drunk stupor and realizing how much damage he would do as President? We’ll know more next week.

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