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Mark Zuckerberg completely misunderstands the Islamic State

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Politics and social media definitely mix. Donald Trump and Barack Obama have proven that using social media to compel the masses in one direction or another is a valid political¬†dissemination strategy. Just because politics plays on social media doesn’t mean that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the world’s most powerful social media site, should get involved with idiotic opinions.

His solution to stop the Islamic State: Love.

Zuckerberg believes that the militant group can be stopped if we would only create a world where everyone “feels cared for and loved.” This is the best indicator that the young entrepreneur is completely oblivious to the causes of geopolitical tension, religious strife, and the destructive tendencies of radical Islamic terrorists. They don’t want to feel loved. They don’t want anyone to care for them other than as servants under the rule of their caliphate. No, the Islamic State is bent on the destruction of western culture, the nation of Israel, Shia Muslims, and anyone who will not bow down to their reign of terror.

Nobody doubts that Zuckerberg is a smart man, but he’s proving every time he gets involved in issues of politics that he’s either completely delusional or has an agenda that motivates his publicly expressed conclusions.

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  1. April 11, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    I Mark is a awesome and very intelligent and up to date person who has been taken care of his business and doesn’t know what the reality of the dangers of isis and what their agendas all about, He doesn’t a lot of good and wonderful projects all over the World, I was so surprised when Walter World and he was talking with people on the streets of New York City and other places and he ask questions about thing’s that are available to people everywhere and everyday, like who is the vice-president ect,very simple questions that that would be on Facebook or MTV,But sum didn’t know nothing, And a reporter was talking too a demonstration person and ask what he was demonstrating he was totally didn’t have a answer,Not saying that Mark is one of those people, For having a CEO of a Billion dollar business he has alot on his plate and being a powerful person needs people too update him on the dangers of sisi,For if they get a dirty bomb they could hurt our economy in a very bad way,So Mark we need you as you need us,God Bless

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