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Trump supporters shouldn’t bank on a Clinton indictment

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As more in the media are debunking the false narrative that Donald Trump’s campaign has been putting out for months about how he beats Hillary Clinton in the polls, the conversations seem to have changed on social media. Now the people who were saying, “Trump beats Hillary in the polls,” are saying “Hillary will be indicted before November.” Yes, seriously.

As we mentioned the other day, Clinton’s lead over Trump is increasing and just hit its highest mark ever. As a Reagan conservative, the thought of a Clinton Presidency is utterly detestable which is why I’ve been a #NeverTrump person for some time. The idea that Trump has too many negatives to be able to beat Clinton is finally starting to form roots and voters are waking up to the stark reality that a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. To maintain their addiction to supporting Trump, they’re shifting the narrative.

The problem is that an Obama Justice Department is never going to indict her. It’s not going to happen. We will see symbolic resignations from the FBI and even a handful of resignations from State and Justice before we see the lawless Obama hurt his anointed successor. Whoever the Republicans nominate, whether Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, will face Clinton in November.

The only way that Trump can beat Clinton is if he abandons his liberal perspectives on entitlements, affirmative action, big government spending, consumer-killing tariffs, and everything else that he’s been shifting left as the campaign wanes. He must turn to the right towards conservatism to have any chance at beating her. Hoping for an indictment is a failed strategy that will put her in office.

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