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After finishing 4th in a 3-man race, it’s time for John Kasich to stop ignoring Ohio

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John Kasich leads the executive branch of government in the state of Ohio. This is an important position with day-to-day duties that are currently being ignored. There is always leeway given to a Governor who is a viable Presidential candidate, but when the writing on the wall says that the race is done, the leeway must end. At some point, John Kasich has to stop ignoring Ohio.

This is one of the reasons that Senators often have a leg up on Governors. Even the most active Senators can barely be considered as having full-time responsibilities. That’s not to say that Senators don’t work hard, but the actual job requirements allow them to gallivant around the country campaigning, swooping in for an occasional vote or committee meeting. It’s way a Senator can continue campaigning if they’re no longer viable. A sitting Governor does not have that luxury.

Despite dropping out of the race last week, Marco Rubio was able to ride early voting to get more votes than Kasich in Arizona. Moreover, Kasich barely beat Donald Trump in Utah, the state that is arguably the least favorable in the whole country for Trump. It’s time for John Kasich to go back to work.

NYMag makes this point very clear in a post today that compares Kasich’s campaign to the popular television show, The Walking Dead.

If Kasich had won a few more states other than Ohio, a case could be made that he needs to stay in. He hasn’t won anything other than his home state and one must question whether the people who voted for him are the very people he’s betraying by continuing with his campaign of denial and futility.

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