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Clinton’s lead over Trump hits highest margin

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Donald Trump loves polls. He’s built his entire campaign around the idea of deserving special media treatment because of the polls. Unfortunately for him, the polls that he doesn’t want anybody to notice are arguably the most important. Head-to-head with Hillary Clinton, he gets obliterated, setting up a general election landslide should he become the GOP nominee.

As the DailyWire pointed out, his failures are likely due to the fact that he has the highest unfavorability rating of any Presidential candidate since David Duke (who he only beats by 2%). The story would be Hillary Clinton’s abysmal 53% unfavorability rating if her numbers weren’t eclipsed by Trump’s 67%. Unfortunately for the GOP, the 33% who do not view Trump unfavorably are voting in the Republican primaries.

If Trump thought things couldn’t get worse, they are. He’s starting to show a trend that he’s never seen since announcing his run for President. He’s moving rapidly down in the polls for the general election even as his popularity in the GOP seems to be moving up. RealClearPolitics, which collects data from all major polls, shows that Trump is hitting stride in the wrong direction.

Trump vs Clinton Blowout

It’s ironic that in a year when the Democrats put up the weakest candidate that just about any strong conservative could beat, the GOP is poised to nominate the one person she can actually win against. Trump has proven that polls are good indicators of his success. He hopes that they’re not good indicators of his future failures.

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