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Dear Trump protesters: stop. You’re helping him.

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No politician has ever wielded the victim card with as much skill as Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if he’s the actual victim or not. He can make his supporters hate Megyn Kelly or love Vladimir Putin at will, which is why it’s not helping the situation when protesters go to extremes to prevent him from speaking to them.

If you’re blocking roads, you’re helping him. If you’re intimidating or shaming them as they’re walking into his rallies, you’re helping him. In fact, with every silly act of protest that you use to make yourself feel good and draw attention to your cause, you’re actually making his support grow and pushing his agenda better than he can.

You, protesters, are the same problem that Donald Trump represents. He is fascist and you are using fascist techniques to stop him. He is a master Alinskyite and you are using the tactics of Saul Alinsky to try to fight him. You are playing into his hands and making his supporters more adamant about his support. However, there’s one way that you’re hurting the cause of stopping Donald Trump the most. You’re not allowing him to make a fool of himself.

Here’s the thing. Donald Trump says things that rally support, but he also says things that make people skeptical of him. Those who support him wholeheartedly are the same people that would never abandon him even if he proposed nominating Barack Obama to the Supreme Court. They are sheep and they will not be swayed. However, there are thinking, undecided Americans who can go to his rallies and hear him speak. Those are the ones who are most likely to be turned off by his rhetoric and you’re denying them the opportunity to decide that he’s not the right choice for America.

It’s understandable that people who oppose Donald Trump would want to act, but the protests that keep people from hearing him are causing much more damage than good.

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