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3 ways John Kasich is trying to destroy the Republican party… and America

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It’s disheartening to watch a respected Republican politician in the midst of a desperate attempt to destroy America, but that’s exactly what John Kasich is doing. Whether it’s for the sake of his childlike petulance or simply his ego-driven megalomaniac nature, Kasich is ignoring three important realities surrounding his run for the White House.

He’s ignoring the math, which makes sense based upon his embracing of Common Core. He would need to win 106% of the remaining delegates. For the sake of his fellow Common Core supporters, I’ll mention that it’s not possible. He’s also ignoring common sense; after 20+ losses followed by a single win in his home state, common sense would tell normal people that they’re really not liked by the vast majority of voters. Lastly, he’s ignoring the calls from pundits (not to mention a groundswell of attacks by average voters on Twitter and Facebook) to step aside to allow Ted Cruz to take on Donald Trump head-to-head for the sake of the party and the country.

The fact that he’s ignoring the writing on the wall should lead us to one of three conclusions. Sadly, all three of these conclusions mean that if he gets his way, he will have successfully destroyed the Republican party and increased the likelihood that Hillary Clinton will destroy the country.

Here are the three destructive scenarios, one of which Kasich has obviously embraced:

  • Ignore the Voters and Steal the Nomination at the Convention – This is the most popular narrative being put forth by the media. NBC went so far as to call him out for taking the voters out of the equation when his campaign has claimed to support the voters. I’m not buying it. He has to be aware of two things: (1) His presence in the race decreases the chances of a contested convention because it allows Trump an easier path to 1,237 deleages, and (2) His inability to win states would prompt the Establishment to find an alternative if they really want to stop Trump and Cruz. Kasich would be the last man on their list of alternatives based upon his failures in this election.
  • Play the Spoiler and Hope for Crumbs from Trump – This is the second most popular narrative, but again I’m skeptical. He’s a man of political expediency and it would behoove him to jump on the Cruz ticket immediately following the Ohio primary. Since he did not, the most likely scenario is the most nefarious…
  • Fulfill the Deal He Made with Trump Already – If I were a betting man, this is where my money would land. Trump has already promised him behind closed doors that if he can stay in and be a roadblock against Cruz, he will be rewarded. The most likely prize: the Vice Presidential tap.

Now that Kasich is in the spotlight, voters are learning that he’s not a good man, let alone someone who would make a good President. The more he’s scrutinized the easier it is to see that his selfishness knows no bounds. He would rather sink the party and harm the country than to do the honorable thing and be the best Governor that he’s capable of being.

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