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Ted Cruz should take any vote he can get… except Mitt Romney’s

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In the race to stop Donald Trump from giving the White House to Hillary Clinton and humiliating the Republican party, Ted Cruz should accept every possible voter regardless of their motivations. There’s one vote that is coming his way in Utah and it’s a vote that Cruz should decline if such things were possible. Mitt Romney wants to vote for him and that’s not going to help Cruz at all.

Romney made a mistake a couple of weeks ago when he thought it was his place to speak out against Trump. He held a press conference and spoke the truth about Trump, but it was a misguided attempt to harm the candidate’s chances. If anything, it solidified the notion that Trump is the anti-Establishment candidate. That’s a problem because it makes Trump even more appealing than he already has shown to be. Romney should have voiced his concerns in other ways – a Tweet or an editorial would have been enough. Instead, he took the spotlight and helped Trump acquire more voters than he had before.

Now, by coming out again and supporting Cruz as the best non-Trump, he’s doing even more damage. That’s the problem with the Republican Establishment. They don’t realize that their actions have made them untrustworthy and their opinions are viewed as opposition to reality. If Romney really wanted to stop Trump, he should have endorsed him. If he really wanted to help Cruz, he should have said that he doesn’t like Trump but that Cruz is even more dangerous to the Establishment’s reign than Trump. That would have garnered more attention and solidified Cruz’s narrative that he’s the real anti-Establishment choice.

The one thing that Romney has done in the last two weeks that’s been positive is that he gave a lukewarm appeal for John Kasich to drop out. Here’s what he posted on Facebook:

If Romney really wants to stop Trump, he should simply fade back into obscurity. His persistent appearances opposing Trump are simply making the frontrunner stronger. Mitt, go away. You’re not helping the situation.

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