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Anti-Establishment vs Anti-American: Why the GOP is rallying behind Ted Cruz

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In a case of picking the lesser of two evils, many Republican Establishment folks are getting behind Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee. The people who attacked the Texas Senator with the most passion are now realizing that it’s better to support the anti-Establishment Cruz instead of allowing the anti-American Donald Trump to represent the party and lead the country.

Trump has built a reputation throughout the campaign of being squarely pro-American, but it’s a false narrative. Nearly every important policy proposal he’s put forth is designed to harm America in either the short- or long-term. From insane threats of tariffs to hamper free trade to a desire to alienate the country from all outside interactions, Trump’s recommendations are, at their core, the basis for a path that may be even more destructive than the liberal ideologies of Hillary Clinton.

Now, the Establishment is throwing in the towel and looking at Cruz as the only one who can stop Trump.

The blindness of Trump’s supporters may be too much for the Republican party to stop at this point.

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