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If Ted Cruz loses to Trump, liberalism has finally prevailed in America

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Donald Trump is a liberal. Those who support him point to his one conservative principle – building a wall – and use that to shield their own eyes to his liberal support of affirmative action, touchback amnesty, government-mandated healthcare, and unsustainable entitlements. After eight years of Barack Obama, the last thing America needs is another liberal authoritarian in the White House to make things even worse.

Liberalism has been creeping into American society and DC politics since Ronald Reagan left office. The sheer fact that Donald Trump’s policy proposals are designed to promote big government and untenable spending makes him the last person that the GOP should nominate. We have an opportunity to mandate change in Washington DC that actually shrinks government and empowers We the People to return America to the conservatism that brings prosperity. Instead, many lost souls in the GOP are falling for a liberal agenda being spun by a master salesman as their great salvation. It’s a con and he’s a fraud.

Ted Cruz isn’t just the best conservative to run for President since Reagan. He happens to be the only candidate who has a realistic chance of beating Donald Trump. Some will point to Marco Rubio, but that path is very dangerous. Unlike Cruz, Rubio has no path to winning the nomination. His only hope is that neither Cruz nor Trump can win enough delegates to claim the nomination outright, in which case Rubio and his Establishment cronies will attempt a contested convention. It’s hard to tell which would guarantee a Democratic victory in November more: a Trump nomination or a contested convention. Both seem to give the Democrats around a 95% chance of victory.

With Cruz, we have a path that starts on March 1. That path will run through Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. There are other states on Super Tuesday, but these seven are the key to a conservative victory. If Cruz can pull out 1st place or close 2nd place finishes in these states, he’ll be positioned with enough delegates to mount a run against Trump. Otherwise, we’re looking at the end of conservatism and the rise of liberalism that will make Barack Obama’s terms seem downright moderate.

America has a choice. We can nominate the one man who can bring conservatism to the White House for the first time in 28 years or we can nominate the most liberal RINO (Republican in Name Only) to have ever run for President. Ted Cruz will help us save the country. Donald Trump will make certain that we cannot.

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