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As a Democrat, Hillary Clinton terrifies me

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My friends are often aghast when I tell them that I’d rather see Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, or Ben Carson as the President over Hillary Clinton. I’ve been called a traitor by most and even a closet conservative from one of my mentors who also happened to marry me three decades ago. I am a Democrat, and I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders is the best hope for America. I can say this with certainty because I’ve seen how well the progressive mindset can work in government. Clinton is a progressive for convenience. She’s a liberal for the sake of power. If she had evidence that her best chance of being President was to become pro-life and pro-gun, she’d change her tune faster than she changes her accent depending on the crowd she’s addressing.

The reason this takes so many of my friends by surprise is because I was an still am an adamant supporter of Bill Clinton. I believe that he’s the best President the country has seen since John F. Kennedy and that if it weren’t for his personal issues with women, he’d be considered our variation of Ronald Reagan. His wife… not so much.

There’s only one circumstance in which I would support Clinton. If Donald Trump is the nominee for the GOP, I’d reluctantly have to support Clinton. Otherwise, I’m going for the Republican if Sanders is not the nominee. Rather than go into detail explaining why this is the case, I believe our readers are intelligent enough to figure it out. If one is unwilling to support Clinton or Trump, the tie that binds them together is corruption. America can no longer bow down to another corrupt President like George W. Bush or Barack Obama. It’s time to put party affiliations aside and choose with our hearts and minds.

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