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With Syria’s failure, can we stop calling for Israel to return the Golan Heights?

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Ever since taking control of the Golan Heights along the Syrian border, Israel has received calls from just about every country and the United Nations to stop their occupation. This is humorous to many who realize that the “occupation” is based upon Syria’s preemptive attack on Israel with other countries in 1967 the the Golan Heights being the most strategic lands through which someone can attack Israel.

Giving the Golan Heights to anyone else would be suicidal for Israel.

Now that history has seen a Syrian civil war that has decimated the country as well as given rise to expansion for the Islamic State, we know that Israel’s reluctance to hand over the lands is easily justifiable. Had they done so when so many countries were calling for it, the Islamic State would now control that land and would have a stronger foothold in Syria. Perhaps more importantly is that they would now be able to strike Israel from a position of strength.

As bad as things are in the Middle East, they would be much worse if Israel had listened to the unrighteous calls from the international community to give up their most defensible position.

RealClearPolitics, a relatively unbiased though left-leaning publication, is notable in their portrayal of the situation. It sounds almost right-wing conservative to suggest that Syria no longer has a claim on the land based upon their inability to keep what they already have. It’s even crazier to point out that the Druze Muslims in the area enjoy more prosperity under Israeli rule than any of their peers and a majority would not want to be returned to Islamic rule in the first place. When the facts are clear, even secularists and liberals have a hard time avoiding the truth.

Now more than ever, Israel must hold onto the strategic lands of the Golan Heights. Stability in the Middle East would crumble if the anti-Israel lobby gets their way.

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