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Will Trump match Bloomberg’s billion dollar campaign if he runs?

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Donald Trump has built up a reputation as being prudent with his money. Is he willing to take his family’s money and match up with Michael Bloomberg if the former New York City Mayor runs for President as an independent? He may have to answer that question if he gets the nomination.

Other candidates will not have to address the issue. In fact, they can use it as a great fundraising plea if they win the nomination, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the Democrats or any of the remaining contenders for the Republicans. However, Trump has pledged to not raise money in hopes of running through “earned media” rather than paid. Will he start fundraising to combat Bloomberg’s play or will he put his own money up?

It’s unlikely that he would match. Bloomberg is more of an ideologue while Trump is a businessman. He would have to choose whether to run a lighter campaign than Bloomberg or to break his pledge to self-fund. Either way, a Bloomberg run would have its biggest effect on Trump than any other candidate.

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