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Donald Trump is a one-trick pony with immigration

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Donald Trump will secure the border. He’ll build a wall. He’ll deport 11 million illegal immigrants. These things are all fair promises by the GOP Presidential candidate. The problem is that everything else he’s proposing is either ludicrous, naive, or impossible.

There’s only one issue that Donald Trump supporters care about. The funny part is that most of his proposals aren’t new. He deserves credit for bringing them back into the forefront of conservative thought, but there’s a difference between being a whistleblower and being someone who can actually do great things for the country.

Many people tout his economic acumen. They look at his real estate experience and somehow equate that to being great for the economy. Nevermind the fact that his financial decisions have cost him more than $10 billion dollars over the last three decades; he would have made more money if he took his inherited riches and invested them into index stocks rather than trying to be the great dealmaker.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Donald Trump. I think he’s an incredibly talented businessman and entertainer, but the country is in dire straits after the Obama administration and Trump is popular in the polls for one reason only: immigration. If he were to take his liberal tax and spend plans head-to-head against any of the other candidates, his plan rates somewhere in the middle, perhaps even in the lower half. If you look at his foreign policy, it’s closer to the Obama/Clinton style of foreign relations than to any conservative. Most importantly, if you look at how he plans to handle our trade situation, it’s clear that he has no understanding about the dynamics of the process.

On immigration, he’s the champion. On every other issue, he’s the chump and he’s banking on Republican voters not having the discernment to know the difference between a trade deficit and a nuclear triad.

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