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The right ride for you

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In the automotive world one segment rings true as the largest segment and it has for many years with no sign of stopping.  This segment is the midsized car segment that offers you the car that gives you a sedan to drive for every day commuting or a car that is the right fit for your family to head out on a weekend getaway or on vacation.  The midsized sedans of the world have become versatile and useful in many ways to become the cars we not only need to drive but want to drive because they deliver on everything we need. 

As we enter another great year to enjoy the automotive world there are several sedans that make the list as the best ten to choose from.  These cars offer the price, safety, efficiency and entire package of vehicles for us to admire and take advantage of more than any other.  Here are the top ten midsized sedans that give you more of what you need and what you want in a great car to drive.

Honda Accord – The Accord has been one of our favorites on the road since the late 1970s.  With a base price of $22,105 the Accord carries on a reputation of begin a car that is reliable and offers you good resale value when it’s time to trade it for another.  This car is well-styled and full of features that matter when you are commuting like a great audio system for you to listen to.  Power by a four-cylinder engine you can achieve 37 mph on the highway or you can increase the power to 278 horsepower from the V6 to gain more driving excitement.  This is a car that your passengers will love as well with the great space in every seat.

Toyota Camry – There is a reason why the Camry has been the best-selling car in this class year after year, it’s the right driving machine for more of us to drive than any other with the right engine and at a great price along with some good features and gorgeous styling.  The Camry offers the possibility of 35 mpg on the highways and comes at a base price of $23,070.  Toyota does offer a hybrid which brings this number up to 43 city/39 hwy mpg to be enjoyed on this car that has been one of the favorites on the list for years.

Mazda6 – This car has it all, a great price, awesome styling and an engine that gets up and goes quickly to make it deserving of the zoom-zoom mantra.  You might feel like this car is sportier than expected and that is exactly what Mazda wants you to feel.  with the 184 horsepower from the engine you will love the fact this car returns 28 city/40 hwy mpg for you to enjoy and comes in a size that makes it a great ride.  On the inside you see a full menu of great features to enjoy as well including the seven-inch touchscreen infotainment display screen.

Chevrolet Malibu – The Malibu took a beating for a few years and was thought of as a rental car model, but with some improvements all around for 2016 this car including the loss of 300 pounds the car offers a new performance.  Using a pair of turbocharged engines the Malibu offers good power or even better power to give you up to 37 mpg on the highway.  With the cost of $23,120 you can enjoy the ride in a car that offers excellent features and a fun drive for a midsized sedan full of everything you want.

Ford Fusion – With a style that comes directly from Aston Martin the Fusion looks great and performs well on any road.  You will love the balance this car gives you to be a lot of fun if you decide to take the long way home from work.  While you can make use of non-turbo engines, the Fusion offers a turbocharged engine that gives you more fuel mileage than the others which comes in at 37 hwy mpg.  Of course you can also make the hybrid your choice to gain the fuel mileage of 44 city/41 hwy mpg.

Kia Optima – For the price of $21,840 you can have the Optima and enjoy the stylish, fun and youthful feeling of the car that has become so popular.  There are a couple engines to choose from that will return the fuel mileage you want including a hybrid to give you 36 city/40 hwy mpg and plenty of awesome features to be enjoyed.  The Optima includes some amazing upgrades that you might not expect to find on a car for this price such as premium materials and much higher level of technology to be enjoyed on all your drives.

Hyundai Sonata – Adorned in the center of the dashboard with a standard seven-inch touchscreen that can be upgraded to an eight-inch model for the higher trim levels the Sonata has excellent tech to enjoy and comes in a style that is perfect for you to admire.  The Sonata gives you a choice of several powertrains that deliver different fuel mileages with the hybrid bringing in 40 city/44 hwy mpg.  This car looks and feels much sportier than you would expect and at a price of $21,750 you get a car that is full of great features for your driving pleasure and the delight of your passengers.

Subaru Legacy – The Legacy is probably the best driving car on this list.  With the boxer engine that is a four-cylinder in a flat/box style and standard AWD the Legacy handles perfectly with the best balance and agility on the road.  Because of the capability of this car the fuel mileage return is a bit lower than most of the other models on this list coming in at 26 city/36 hwy mpg for the 175 horsepower engine but the added feel of the AWD and a few excellent features that make the ride even better make the Legacy one of the cars on this list that should be at the top of your consideration.

Buick Regal – In the premium realm this is one of the most expensive cars on this list at a base level of $27,065.  Although its more expensive this car is still a great value offering you power you want and a host of great Buick features to ensure you have the car that is right for your driving.  You can reach up to 259 horsepower with the turbocharged engine and still have excellent fuel mileage to enjoy along with a suspension system that is upscale for overall better performance.  Add in the leather seats that are present even on the base model and you have a car that is certainly a premium ride.

Nissan Altima – With a refreshed style the Altima continues to be one of our favorite models on the road today.  At the base price of $22,500 the Altima offers you a great menu of engines to enjoy and a very nice 27 city/30 hwy mpg to be the right car for you to drive.  You will love the new style of the Altima that takes it forward to be competitive in the style category with the Sonata and others in the lineup.  Inside the car you will find excellent features such as a wonderful infotainment system and drivers aids to make the ride even better.

While the midsized sedans of today might not be the sexiest choice this segment is still the highest volume segment on the market.  It seems every automaker has worked to bring us better style and more active features than ever before to make sure you will have a car that even when stuck in rush hour traffic you will be comfortable and enjoy the ride to let you have a wonderful way to make your daily commute.

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