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Iraqi Christians are the refugees who need the most help

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Without supporting Donald Trump’s call for a halt of all Muslim immigrants, the logic can apply to the refugee programs that are heavily weighted towards helping Muslims coming in through Syria. Their plight is unimaginable, but it’s not difficult to the same degree as the hardships, displacement, and murder of Iraqi Christians as they prepare for a harsh winter.

This isn’t a new issue. Since 2003, the 1.3 million Christians in the country have had their homes destroyed, their women and children kidnapped, and their men murdered. They are now down to under 300,000 and it’s getting much worse. While the Islamic State seeks to put all Muslims under their control, they seek to subjugate or murder Christians. Their struggle is one with no hope being offered from neighboring countries and a blind eye being turned by the west, including the United States.

“Assyrian culture is melting,” says Juliana Taimoorazy, head of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, a group dedicated to aiding Christians being persecuted in the Middle East in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

If radical Islam is the problem that is preventing America from accepting immigrants or refugees, then these people are not part of that problem. Even if you aren’t one who believes in halting incursions, the hardships faced by Christians should be moved to the front of the line to receive American support.

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