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Why is Bobby Jindal the only one saying this?

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wrote a letter to the president regarding the first wave of refugees his state received earlier this month. There have been some trickling in since January, but in light of the Paris attack Jindal is urging the President to pause the relocation efforts.

Jindal’s concern is that the state has not been given any information on the background or screenings of the individuals, nor has it been informed of protections or the level of monitoring once the individuals are placed.

According to Jindal, not sharing information or collaborating with states who are receiving refugees is a threat to freedom.

It seems that New Orleans and the other 179 cities¬†who are receiving these refugees are being kept in the dark on purpose. The question is, why? So far only Jindal has come forward with official concerns on the matter since the attack in Paris over the weekend. Let’s hope more do the same and force the administration to prove these people are not a threat to the public or, God forbid, a terrorist who wants another Paris incident.

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