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Ben Carson shows that media attacks can be a good thing

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The purpose of left-wing media attack pieces is to highlight the worst in a Republican candidate in an effort to take them down a notch. In the case of Ben Carson and several others this election cycle, the voters have responded in the opposite way by supporting their candidates even more in the face of mainstream media attacks.

After the hottest week of attacks on the GOP frontrunner, his campaign had their best fundraising week to date by bringing in $3.5 million. Last quarter, his campaign averaged under $2 million per week in fundraising.

The intention of the media is to keep the Republican nomination process as unstable as possible. The sooner they are able to secure a nominee, the sooner they’ll be able to focus on Hillary Clinton who is likely to get the Democratic nomination. To prevent this, the left-wing press will go after whoever is on top unless it’s Donald Trump, the person they hope to eventually secure the nomination.

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