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The Democratic candidates sent a clear message about Israel

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The contrast between the Democrat and Republican candidates couldn’t have been more obvious. While only one of the five candidates in the Democratic debate, James Webb, stated they did not support the Iran Deal and felt it was a sign of weakness, the others seemed to use the policy of benign neglect. Nothing else was said about America’s biggest ally in the region, the buildup of its enemy surrounding it, or the relations between the two countries. Nothing.

The stunning display Tuesday night showed how the Democrats are now leaning much farther left and have distanced themselves from Israel to the point of not discussing them in their first live debate. A shift that didn’t go unnoticed.

Given the importance of the issue this should be a cause of concern on both sides. With all that is going on in the region it is clear it was purposeful and a was intended to be a message to the American people and Israel.

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