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Lexus showers owners with new perks

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Driving a luxury car is a symbol of prestige and elegance, thus the reason for the influx of luxury models entering the market.  For a long time, Lexus has had a reputation for catering to an older crowd, but in an effort to shatter that image, the automaker has made some recent changes to its lineup and given its advertising a fresh face.  With a younger generation sliding into the driver’s seat of many new Lexus sales, the manufacturer has had to keep things fresh.  In an effort to keep things exciting when it comes to being a Lexus owner, there is an incredible perks program called Lexus Owner Benefits, and the deals get better every day.

One could say that ownership of a Lexus is privilege enough, and the drive is an added benefit.  However, Lexus wanted to award their owners with even more special incentives that could enhance their experience in a bigger way.  Using the Lexus Drivers site or the downloadable app, owners are able to get up to the minute access to the best and newest deals offered.  The app will allow drivers to find the perks available nearest to them.  From a business trip or a family vacation, never be without the knowledge of what your ownership can save you.

The Driver’s Benefit Program offers current Lexus owners the opportunity to receive discounts on hundreds of different items.  Not only are the discounts quite significant, but they’re often featured at very desirable and trendy locations around the country.  By accessing your Lexus app, you’re able to see what items are being featured at the time in your location.  From hotel rooms to meals to entertainment, Lexus owners are treated to discounted rates, freebies, and exclusive sales.

On a business trip and looking to upgrade your hotel room for the night?  Lexus Driver’s Benefits can help with the pursuit of the perfect hotel room.  Ready for an incredible family vacation, but hotels just aren’t playing the game the way they should?  Consult your benefits menu, and find out what’s going on in the city of your destination.  You can get up to $100 off a room, a free upgrade, free valet parking, and/or late checkout at upscale hotels across the country.  Some program benefits also offer a generous credit to dine at the hotel of your choice, percentages off of your bill, and discounted spa treatments, so if a vacation is in your future, don’t go anywhere without checking what benefits owning a Lexus can offer.

Ladies is your hubby aching to see a Major League Baseball game?  Send him off to the game in specific cities driving the Lexus, and he can get upgraded parking for free or at a significant discount.  Have a foursome itching to get out on the green and drive a ball straight down the fairway?  Your Driver’s Benefit Program can get you discounted dining or pro-shop purchases at the Independence Golf Club, simply by picking up a Lexus Access Card in Richmond.  Your ownership may also help to improve your swing by taking discounted classes at the Annika Academy, the golf academy established by Lexus Gold Ambassador Annika Sorenstam.

Golf and business trips may not be your thing, but everybody’s got to eat, and the Benefits Program also offers handsome discounts at both restaurants and wineries.  Dine with a Top Chef Champion at Chicago hot spot Girl and The Goat, and receive a complimentary treat with your meal.  From free champagne to an amuse bouche, a special offering from the head chef, your benefits will get you upgrades in top of the line five star restaurants, as well as shoot you to the front of the line when it comes to making reservations.

The Lexus Owner’s Benefit Program extends also to entertainment options, offering free valet parking, exclusive pricing, and access to private areas only for Lexus owners.  Want to catch an opera or an orchestra performance, check your area to see what benefit program perks are available in your area, and enjoy a night on the town.  Lexus has also partnered with a handful of select retailers in order to give owner’s access to discounted products, free parking at retail locations, and even a percentage off of delivery items.

While it may seem like your Lexus is the only perk you need, why not take advantage of discounts and freebies whenever you can?  From knocking a couple of dollars off your family vacation in Aspen to learning the best way not to slice your shot at the Annika Academy to getting a coveted reservation at a hot restaurant, the Owner’s Benefit Program is designed to reward you for purchasing your Lexus, and to keep you coming back for more.

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