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Politically incorrect Ben Carson is historically correct about gun control

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GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson is coming under fire for, well, pretty much everything he’s been saying for the last month. The latest controversial statement pertains to the precedent of gun control laws coming before genocides perpetrated by governments.

It’s unpopular to say that Nazi Germany disarmed the population before perpetrating the mass murders of Jews in the Holocaust. It’s even more unpopular to invoke Adolf Hitler when describing current American political figures. These types of politically incorrect statements are guaranteed to get supporters pumped up and detractors angry and even scared of the candidate.

Unfortunately for his detractors, Carson is absolutely correct with his assertions.

Over the last hundred years, the seven most horrific attacks by governments on their own people in the form of genocide were preceded by gun control laws that disarmed the people.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Obama administration or the progressive movement has plans of killing Americans in the near future. What we will say is this: the thing that prohibits the type of government oppression that both our¬†forefathers and modern day conspiracy theorists feared is the presence of an armed population. That’s not to say they would, but it’s important to know that they currently cannot.

Ben Carson is rising in the polls because of his outsider status and the type of “straight talk” that even rival Donald Trump isn’t saying. We’ll see if it drives his campaign to victory of assists in its demise. Either way, the sentiment is absolutely correct. If he falls as a result, it will be because of media spin, not because he’s speaking falsehoods.

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