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Saudi Arabia employs ISIS-style executions

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Saudi Arabia has decided to blame over two dozen people for the Hajj fiasco that resulted in over 1,300 deaths in this year’s Mecca pilgrimage. The incident, the Saudi officials claim, put the government in a bad light.

The men whom they blame for the incident by disobeying orders and violating security issues were sentenced to death by beheading. According to Saudi officials, the beheadings took place shortly after the incident. However, many claim Saudi Arabia only used prisoners in order to save face, as there was not enough time to do an investigation.

Beheadings are nothing new in Saudi Arabia, who holds a chair at the U.N. Human Rights Commission. Just this year they beheaded a minor for opposing the government. Another minor who opposes the government is scheduled to for beheading and crucifixion.

I do find it interesting how the hypocrisy of the U.N. is so blatant and when minors die in the same fashion as an ISIS victim, no on blinks an eye. Yet when Israel responds to being bombarded by rockets they are accused of violating human rights and committing war crimes. Fascinating.

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