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Hyundai Genesis represents shift towards affordable luxury

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The word “genesis” literally means the beginning of something.  For Hyundai, it may mean the beginning of their foray into the luxury car field.  While they’ve been pumping out high quality cars backed by the best warranty offered in the auto market, they’ve always been somewhat of a budget friendly version, until the advent of the Genesis.  As a luxury car, the Genesis falls far below the price tag of most high-end sedans, but is every bit as impressive as the big name brands.  For Hyundai, the production of this car has been the true excellent beginning to a beautiful new market.

When Hyundai debuted the Genesis in 2007 as a concept car, they certainly raised some eyebrows.  Prior to its release Hyundai had been known for affordable sedans, but hadn’t even ventured into the luxury market.  Most mainstream manufacturers have avoided stepping onto that scene, leaving it to the huge name brands to pump out elegant high-priced and high performance cars.  Due to the popularity of the Genesis, Hyundai has seen begun producing another luxury car called the Equus, which is priced a little bit closer to that of other brands.  However, the Genesis still remains somewhat of the unsung hero of the Hyundai line.

Looking a bit from the outside like a jungle cat poised to strike or a hurdle running ready to shoot from the starting line, the Genesis is a creation dedicated to smooth lines and top performance.  Due to the underlying architecture of the car, including a heavy duty steel frame, there is an upgraded degree of control to the car.  A longer distance between the front and back wheels allows for drivers to experience the smoothness of the ride, while still embracing the feeling of absolute stability.

There are four driving modes available to accompany the standard 3.8L 311 horsepower V6 engine available on the 3.8 trim level.  The Eco mode will allow for maximum efficiency while the Sport mode will allow you to really let the car out and see what it can do.  By adding an all-wheel drive option to the car, the Genesis will allow for amazing traction in less than stellar weather conditions, and activating the Snow driving mode will provide an extra sense of comfort when the roads aren’t at their best.  Finally, if you’re just looking for a nice and comfortable journey on a Sunday afternoon, the Normal drive mode will fit your needs just right.  If you’re looking for absolute performance, the Genesis 5.0 drops a 5.0L V8 engine into the car and lets you wrap your hands around 420 horses behind the wheel.

Selection of the 3.8 model allows you to add a panoramic sunroof to truly celebrate the beauty of the summer skies on your drive, while this feature comes standard on the 5.0.  Driver’s will be able to enjoy their commute to work with a 12 way adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, heated leather seats, and optional ventilation as well.  Gone are the days of burning the backs of your legs on a summer day because of your leather seats.  With supple leather seats, woodgrain accents, and high quality optional aluminum accents, this vehicle will feel every bit like the luxury cars you’re used to without the price tag.

Each Genesis comes equipped with standard tech features like an 8 inch display with navigation system, an LCD gauge display, and push button start.  Also enjoy a complimentary 3 year subscription to Sirius XM Travel Link to provide sports, weather, and stocks information all with the touch of a button.  Upgrade to a 14 or 17 speaker stereo system and explore the roadways while enjoying premium sound.  Also included in the base model is a Bluetooth system, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

Step into luxury for a $30K price tag, and enjoy it like you never realized you could.  For the same price as many name brand top trim level vehicles, you can immerse yourself in buttery soft leather seats, and high-end additions.  With the peace of mind of Hyundai’s rigorous safety standards and the best warranty a manufacturer can offer, driving the Genesis off the lot will never result in feelings of remorse.  You may feel a little guilty for such decadence, but writing the check for your car payment every month isn’t going to hurt in quite the same way.  Luxury never felt this good!

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