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Inconvenient facts conspicuously missing from Ahmed’s clock story

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The mainstream media has been known for leaning left in most circumstances with a few exceptions that lean right such as Fox News. A recent hot story, the tail of Ahmed Mohamed’s clock that was mistaken for a bomb, seems to be demonstrating an unwillingness by mainstream media to turn the story towards the truth.

So far, the tagline of the story has centered around bigotry in Texas. The storyline has been that an innocent 14-year-old brought his engineering wonder to show off at school, only to be met with islamophobia and unwarranted fears. The story has played well in social media for the news channels and even better for Ahmed himself who has received gifts, money, praise, invites from major corporations, and even an invite from the President of the United States.

The problem is that the story hasn’t shifted towards the reality as truths are coming out through alternative news sources that are pointing a less cozy picture of the incident.

Was his clock really “engineered” or did he take apart a working clock to put inside a case in an effort to make it look like a bomb?

Was this really a curious and inventive kid going about his business or is there political motivation coming from an activist parent?

Most importantly, is this an agenda item that the mainstream media is willfully pushing despite knowledge of the truth?

There seem to be several agendas in play here, but one thing is for sure. The truth seems to be the furthest from the minds of those reporting on the incident.

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