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Thanks for the Direction, Mr. Trump. We’ll Take it from Here.

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Donald Trump has taken all of the attention. Donald Trump has set the pace. Donald Trump has exposed the weaknesses. Donald Trump has selected the direction that we’ll be traveling. In essence, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to the point that it’s at now, which is a good place. It’s time to step aside.

That’s hard for Trump supporters to hear. Most who were reading this have likely dismissed the article as another hate piece and have closed the window or started writing up a quip comment about “look at the polls” or “the establishment trolls him because…”

This isn’t an article that’s going to hate on Donald Trump. In fact, it’s intent is to promote the fact that Donald Trump has brought out the right talking points well ahead of their normal time. This is a huge deal that we haven’t really seen before. Take it from someone who has watched begrudgingly for several election cycles looking for a candidate that could truly echo Ronald Reagan. The “hard questions” usually don’t get asked or answered until the candidates are narrowed down. By that time, we’re already well into the primary season and some of the states were lost by stronger candidates because they didn’t take their opportunity to truly shine.

Now, we get to see the questions asked early. We get to see their reactions to important issues before Iowa and New Hampshire have had a chance to make up their minds. This is a tremendous coup for the GOP.

With all of this understood, it’s time for Mr. Trump to fade away. He did a fine job as a conversation starter but it’s time for the real candidates to address the issues he’s brought to light. He’s asking the right questions and on the surface he has some answers, but unfortunately his answers are weak. His solutions are amateur. His temperament is unworthy of the office of President.

We appreciate all that he’s done so far. You did the right thing, Mr. Trump. Now it’s time to do an even better thing and walk away before you start to overstay your welcome and cause damage to the party and the country.

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